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25 Inch Rackraiser
It seems like everyone is looking for more storage space in their rooms. Well, we found it. It's right there under your bed. To take advantage of it, all you need is RACKRAISER®. With RACKRAISER® you'll be able to raise your bed 25 inches off the ground. That gives you almost 40-50 additional cubic feet of storage space. More than enough for all those boxes full of the stuff you have to have but don't have any room for. Without RACKRAISER®, there's just no place to put things . . . no way to avoid tripping over books, crates, sweaters and CD's, all part of your life and all over the floor. So do yourself a favor, order RACKRAISER® today.
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Rackraiser - 25 Inch
Rackraiser - 25 Inch
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